Salt Therapy For Colds and Flu

Colds and Flu can bring a horrible cough, lots of congestion and body ache that can linger for weeks.  Dry salt therapy is a great natural solution that will help to relieve the symptoms in our specialized salt room, filled with Himalayan and pharmaceutical grade salt which is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Consistency will help your Salt Therapy success with a cold or flu.

The best results for Dry Salt Treatments for colds & flu are achieved with an intensive treatment. It is recommended to undergo Dry Salt Therapy 3 times within your first week as consistency can assist  in expelling the strong congestion and mucus from your nose and chest. The next week should consist of 2 treatments , as the cold or infection should have subsided and the airways will be clearer. In the 3rd week, you should come in for a single 45 minute treatment to ensure that you have cleared any lingering congestion and will help reduce any lingering cough.